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You like the convenience of getting your music and videos and other works in digital form, and want to be able to enjoy them at your convenience. You know that downloading from unauthorised sites means that the creators don't get paid. Equally, you don't want to pay for annoyingly locked-up media, which assumes you are guilty until you prove your innocence. You might like to remix or re-edit the media you buy. You may even be aware of how little of the purchase price goes to the original creator under standard publishing agreements.

Play fair with the artists

With mediAgora, you know that the media you buy will not be locked up, but in a form you can copy and use. You pay once to be able to listen to and edit it however you like. You can even know exactly how much of the purchase price goes to the creators, and how much to promoters. A market is built on trust, and the creators who sell work through mediAgora are trusting you not to pass on or re-sell their work without giving them credit.

Share the work, share the rewards

If you find a work you like through mediAgora, you probably want to share it with your friends. You are encouraged to do this by becoming a promoter - you get paid a promotion fee on any sales resulting form your referrals.

If you make a remix or edit, or add you own music, words or video to an existing work, you can publish that too - you register as a creator, and set your price and promotion fee, and this is added onto the fee for the work you started from.

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